Best wishes for the upcoming holidays

best wishes
Dear Friends and Colleagues,

I read somewhere that “nothing flies higher than the human mind”. This sentence stuck with me and in these times of challenge, I remember it more often than usual. No matter how difficult the previous two years have been, they haven’t stopped humanity from moving on and conquering all the obstacles on its way.

Our profession has, once again, proved that we have the will, the power, and enough knowledge not to let our students down. Although at a distance, we taught our lessons and maybe, the most important lesson of all and that is never to give up in times of trouble. I am sincerely grateful to all my students who were present online every day, doing their homework and assignments as if everything was normal. I guess this is because new generations don’t remember the world without technology and we do, so it took a while to get used to preparing, sharing, and organizing online classes. However, we made it! We conquered technology and not the other way around!

So, it is true. “Nothing flies higher than the human mind”, only when we want it and when we need to find a solution to whatever problem comes along. Congratulations to you all for not giving up, for trying hard and for succeeding in what seemed impossible. I am certain that, when we meet again, we will be a few years older, but wiser and more powerful to lead yet another generation on the path of knowledge. Wishing you all good health and a new encounter in a World full of new possibilities!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Sandra Plazibat,

Aede Serbia