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Е в р о п с к о   у д р у ж е њ е   н а с т а в н и к а   С р б и ј е
E u r o p e a n   A s s o c i a t i o n   o f   T e a c h e r s   o f   S e r b i a

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By filling in and submitting the form, you become a member of the EUNS.

 Ungraduated Master's degree PhD

By joining the membership, the rights and obligations set forth in the EUNS Statute are assumed.
The signature guarantees the credibility of the data entered and the obligation to pay an annual membership fee.

Payment of annual membership fee of 1000,00din. is done via this giro account:



Banca Intesa, with reference to the number 2014-2019.

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