XVIII Congress in Strasburg – November 2014

On XVIII AEDE Congress held in Strasburg from 6th to 8th November2014.  Serbia was represented by the delegation from the EATS made of the president mr.Rade Zejak and vice president, ms.Sandra Plazibat. The plenary part of the Congress was held in the building of the EU Parliament and the participants were welcomed by Luis Martinez Guillen, director of the office for information. The Congress was opened by the AEDE president, mr.Silvano Marseglia.


EATS was presented to colleagues from Italy, Austria, Belgium, France, England, Germany, Romania, Moldova, Spain, Greece, Holland, Luxemburg, Poland, Switzerland, Ireland, Bulgaria, Hungary, Cyprus and Malta by mr.Rade Zejak emphasizing the need of euro integrations and readiness od EATS to contribute to the European idea through cooperation with colleagues from 26 countries. After the presentation, there was the official ceremony of accepting our national section into the European family. Mr.Zejak was handed the certificate of affiliation by mr.Marseglia.

The Congress continued with the lecture of a Geneva University professor titled “Early bilingualism as a form of intercultural citizenship”.

Reports by mr.Marseglia and mr.Gonon (the general secretary of the AEDE) on the work of the association followed after the break as well as the financial report of mr.Reckinger, the treasurer.

Mr.Marseglia, mr.Gonon and mr.Reckinger were elected for the new term of the Board in duration of three years.

The work on Saturday, November the 8th started with representing the candidates for deputy vicepresident, deputy general secretary and members of the organization committee. The procedure and voting lasted till 1 p.m. when the results were announced.

In the afternoon, the participants were divided into four groups which discussed the following topics:

  • Europe and its relations with the Mediterranean countries and Africa
  • Being the citizen of Europe and European certificate
  • The teacher of the 21st century
  • Suggestions on the work inside the AEDE

Each group submitted the report on the work and mr.Marsegia’s plan on the work of the association for the next period of three years followed. The plan included high expectation from the Serbian organization and engagement in forming the national sections of former Yugoslav countries because AEDE will devote much of its attention to the region of SE Europe. Dates for the meetings of the Board and the Committee were set. And after the official end of the Congress there was a brief meeting of the Board with the members of the Committee resulting with the plans for the better functioning of the Association, and more precisely, refer to redesign of the official site, certain regulations of the AEDE and better e-communication of the Board.

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